Grace / noun The exercise of love, kindness, compassion, mercy; disposition to benefit or serve another.

The Grace Animal Sanctuary works hard to give abused animals a second chance. Our rescue and rehabilitation work ensures that animals are restored to good health and form, and can be placed in loving homes with caring owners.

The Grace Animal Sanctuary also strives to educate people on the treatment and care of animals to help prevent further problems in the future.

As well as our own operations, we also act as an umbrella brand and assist many smaller organisations operating in the animal rescue and welfare space, both with financial aid, assistance and donations.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to stop animal abuse in all forms. Through rehabilitation and education, we transform the way that people care for pets so that both humans and animals can live in harmony.

Our Vision Statement

To see a world where animals are treated fairly and live without abuse or neglect.

Our Story

With a deep love for animals, a desire to make a difference and having been involved in various rescue organisations for roughly 19 years, Grace Animal Sanctuary founder Caron Burger had the dream of starting an animal rescue organisation for many years.

After meeting co-founder Marlize Stander and discussing her dreams to start an animal rescue organisation, Grace Animal Sanctuary was born.

Two years later, Grace Animal Sanctuary is going strong and growing fast. On course to reach their objectives, Grace Animal Sanctuary will leave a legacy of being a leading animal rescue organisation that saves helpless animals and transforms the person to pet relationship.

Our Goals

Short term goals

For the next few years, we’d like to grow the Grace Animal Sanctuary brand. We’d like to expand our team and scale our rescue and rehabilitation offerings so that we can help more animals on a larger scale.

Long term goal

Our long-term goal is to acquire property. We would like establish our very own care and rehabilitation center, Graceland, and use this space for our operations.

Volunteer, donate or get involved with Grace Animal Sanctuary and help us reach our goals!

Meet The Team

Caron Burger, Founder

With her love and compassion for animals, her strong ethics, leadership and years of knowledge, there is no better person to lead the Grace team. Caron is the foundation of our team, the one that makes Grace who we are and what drives us to do what we do everyday.

What Caron knows regarding rescues , illness and much more we can only dream to know somewhere along the line!!!! – you will obviously recognise her profile pic, curly hair, Kiko hairless crested on her shoulder with the Grace shirt on.

Tel: +27 72 844 0250

Marliza Stander, Co-Founder

What started out as running a fundraiser for food and monetary donations ended up with me getting to know Caron better and eventually her telling me about her idea to start Grace Animal Sanctuary. My love for animals has been evident since I was small, and Caron and I have a similar mindset about things… which led to the inevitable.

I have a passion for power breeds and love the fact that I can learn something new from Caron everyday. Once you go into rescue you never turn back… Rescue is like rehab, just better!

Tel: +27 79 021 8351

Elana Lodewyk

Due to various personal reasons, I became involved with animal rescue in my own capacity.  My love for animals got me to start various projects, afterwhich Caron asked if I would join the team.  Animal rescue, rescued me.

Tel: +27 82 226 8682